Thursday, February 18, 2010

Roma -

After Milano, Whitney and I took a Eurostar train to Rome. We stayed at a bed and breakfast (in the ghetto) with a few other girls from the class. We saw the Coloseum, Vatican City, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, and tons more. It was a VERY dirty city, both with graffeti and trash, but also with dirt streets. Notice we are wearing our sperrys with our dresses. Just from the train station to the bed and breakfast we had flip flops on...and our feet were BLACK!!!! So we made an awesome fashion statement and wore our sperrys. Also notice both of Whitney's dresses in my dark blue dress...they are our street market dresses from Milano!

The Coloseum - One of my FAVORITE things!
It was like 110 degrees when we were there (no joke), but we still had fun. The Coloseum is kinda like a big oven since the rocks hold in the heat, but we spent almost 2 hours there. Totally worth it!
The Spanish Steps - We played "where's Melissa" (like Where's Waldo) on the steps. So much fun!
Trevi Fountain - We threw 2 coins in: 1 to come back to Rome, the second to get married. Legend has it that those will come true(3 coins will get you a divorce haha).

These are random pictures around Rome. They include the forum, Palentine Hill, and a busy street looking back towards the Spanish Steps.
More random pictures and the Pantheon.

Rome was such an awesome city since I felt like I was walking into a history book. I will post my pictures of my Vatican City pages soon! Love you all!


After Paris, my friend Whitney and I flew to Milano Italia. It is known as a fashion capital of the world and had great shopping! We enjoyed the street markets as well as the food. These pages highlight this city.
Random Pictures...dinner, shopping, etc.
The beautiful Duomo


These are the opening pages for Italy. The first page shows pictures from Cortona, Pisa, Rome, and Venice.
This shows traveling from the airport to our hotel and back, and our flight to Milan from Paris.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


This is the first few pages of my Europe scrapbook that show off my Paris pictures. Every pair are the pages that are across from each other in the book (ie first two pics, 3rd and 4th pic, and so on). Hope you like them!
This page shows the Eiffel tower from the ground and has my 1st ticket.
This is from the top and has part of my lays potato chip bag from lunch on it :)
We went up a second time at dusk, so these are the night pictures.
We also took a night cruise on the river Siene, and these are the pics.
Les Invalides (Where Napoleon is buried)
Random pics of tour bus, hotel and room, and PIZZA HUT!!!
The Louvre
Random pics...
Notre Dome
Arc de Trimuph
That does it for Paris...on to Italia!


I started scrapbooking my Europe Trip. I've only done the first 3 cities I went to, but I'll continue to update it as I go along!

I LOVE Scrapbooking!

I have recently gotten back into scrapbooking and am really excited about how things are going. This blog will mostly be pictures of my pages, and maybe some journaling about individual projects. We'll see what it turns into! Thanks for checking it out!